NDIS – Paying your carers

Direct employment of staff enables you to have control over selecting the people who work with you, the hours they work and the tasks they perform. Direct employment is an option if you self-manage your NDIS funding.

What is the easiest way of recording employees' time in your payroll?

Many businesses are currently spending a lot of valuable time processing manual timesheets each pay. The 'old school' way is for handwritten timesheets that have been collected over the last pay period to be approved manually by managers then a business owner or payroll administrator individually enters these into the payroll system for each employee. An easier way is for the totals to be data entered into an excel spreadsheet for upload.

Single Touch Payroll

Single Touch Payroll is a government initiative to streamline business reporting obligations. When an employer pays their employees under Single Touch Payroll the information will be sent directly to the ATO at the time of the payroll.

What are the Benefits of Using an Online Payroll System?

A cloud-based payroll system allows you to process your payroll "on the go" anywhere, anytime which will reduce the administration time for payroll processing and allow you and your staff to focus on growing your business.

How Can an Online Payroll System Improve Leave Management?

An online payroll system is an easy way for employers and employees to view and manage leave. Our payroll system calculates leave, ensures compliance and allows you to manage leave on the go. Your team can see their leave accruals and apply for leave on our platform.

Is a Payroll Software More Secure and Cost-Effective?

As companies grow, payroll becomes more complex. Errors in payroll processing also lead to penalties and the hassle of fixing them.

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