Migrate from Xero to CloudPayroll

14 Jul 2020


If you are considering moving to CloudPayroll from Xero it is an easy process. Our experienced, friendly, implementation team will assist you to ensure the migration is a smooth one.

Once the contract has been accepted and executed and the direct debit has been uploaded to your organisation our implementation team will request access to your Xero account to retrieve all required employee details. Some additional information will need to be provided by you such as the tax file declaration numbers.

CloudPayroll can track your payroll costs to your chart of account codes, and you can also assign tracking categories to these codes. These can split your wages, superannuation and allowances over different tracking codes and send through to Xero when you confirm the pay.

Once your employees have been uploaded into CloudPayroll, you will review the data and a parallel pay run will be carried out, which can become part of the one-on-one training the payroll staff receive, as part of our implementation process.

To connect CloudPayroll and Xero is simple with a two-step process to set up the integration between CloudPayroll and Xero.

  1. Log into your CloudPayroll account, go to Setup > Interfaces and select the Enable button next to Xero.
  2. You will then be prompted to log into Xero to select the relevant Xero account to connect with. The integration will then be set up and you will then be re-directed back to CloudPayroll.

Once enabled, CloudPayroll will send General Ledger Postings directly into Xero as authorised accounts payable invoices. Once the payments have been debited from the bank account, these invoices can be reconciled to the payments using Xero's Bank Reconciliation.

The following is posted to Xero and can be split against tracking categories in Xero if using:

  • Bank payment (net pay)
  • Gross payment (can be split by leave, ordinary time, allowances etc.)
  • Superannuation Payable
  • Superannuation Expense
  • PAYG
  • CloudPayroll fees and GST on fees

Our integration with Xero works to further improve our clients’ payroll processes. Both systems work together to cut processing times and improve business efficiencies.



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