Human Resource (HR) Management in CloudPayroll

02 Dec 2019


If you are the owner of a business, it is likely that you may wear many hats and even more likely one of those hats would be HR. How convenient would it be for you to have your employees’ payroll and HR information stored in one easily accessible and highly secure location, say in the cloud? CloudPayroll allows employers to do exactly that with our built-in HR management feature.

Employee HR information can be easily uploaded, stored and accessed in CloudPayroll, and best of all there is no extra cost to use this convenient feature. Storing employee information in CloudPayroll is especially helpful for an organisation of any size, both large and small.

As an employer or Payroll Administrator you know there are several employee documents that are required to be kept on file; an employee’s signed employment agreement, tax file number declaration and superannuation paperwork for starters. Then add to that any relevant qualifications or role-specific certificates, plus performance reviews etc, and the list could become endless! By using the HR management feature in CloudPayroll you could keep these documents electronically filed together, loaded to the employee for easy searching and fast accessibility when you need to find them quickly.

Traditional methods of storage for HR and payroll information include either hard copy files sitting in a filing cabinet or scanned files saved onto a computer’s hard drive; both these methods come with two major risks. The information could easily fall into the wrong hands or be accidentally destroyed! CloudPayroll, as an online system saves all information in the cloud, safely and securely.

By storing your employees’ HR information in CloudPayroll it will become your HR filing and payroll system in one. You will conveniently have access to all your payroll and employee HR information at any time on any internet-enabled device. You will never lose anything again!

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