What is the easiest way of recording employees’ time?

02 Dec 2019



Many businesses are currently spending a lot of valuable time processing manual timesheets each pay. The ‘old school’ way is for handwritten timesheets that have been collected over the last pay period to be approved manually by managers, then a business owner or payroll administrator individually enters these into the payroll system for each employee. An easier way is for the totals to be data entered into an excel spreadsheet for upload.

If the employees’ handwriting is illegible, payroll administrators will need to contact the employee to confirm details or check with their manager, which can be a time-consuming process.

The easiest way is to use an online payroll system with a secure fully mobile-enabled employee Timelog kiosk, like CloudPayroll. This enables employees to log and enter their start and finish time and the total hours of work are calculated. Alternatively, just total hours can be chosen. Breaks can be preset by the employer or selected by the employee depending on the chosen settings. Employees may also select activities (timecodes) and add notes to the Timelog prior to submitting to their manager for approval. All this can easily be done on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

After the manager has approved the Timelogs and, if required, added notes as an approver, then the payroll administrator accepts Timelogs and the hours are included in the current payroll.

The Timelog feature will save you hours on your payroll administration and make your payroll easier and more streamlined.

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