JobKeeper Payment Scheme

02 Jun 2020


The JobKeeper Payment scheme is a temporary subsidy for businesses significantly affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19). Eligible employers, sole traders and other entities can apply to receive $1500 per eligible employee per fortnight.

CloudPayroll can record your JobKeeper Fortnight Start date, process the JobKeeper payment, add Top Up Allowance (if their normal pay is less than $1500 per fortnight), accrue annual leave hours not worked and the JobKeeper Finish date (if applicable).

After notifying your eligible employees that you are intending to claim the JobKeeper payment on their behalf, they need to let you know if they are receiving the JobKeeper payment through another employer, or that they have been nominated through another business. The employee must complete and return the JobKeeper Employee Nomination Notice. As part of CloudPayroll HR record keeping, these forms may be uploaded against the employee to allow easy accessibility in the future, if required.

Below is a useful JobKeeper Checklist

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Read through the ATO's website about the 'JobKeeper Payment' in particular the section for 'Employers'
  2. Notify employees using the ATO's JobKeeper Employee Nomination Notice
  3. Register with the ATO and Enrol for the Jobkeeper Payment
  4. Set up the JobKeeper pay elements in your organisation
  5. Process your regular pay run including JobKeeper payments
  6. Make a business monthly declaration

If one of your employees on JobKeeper resigns or is terminated, the ATO must be informed that the employee is no longer eligible for JobKeeper. When paying the termination payment, include the payment code JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FNxx (xx=is the first fortnight from which JobKeeper payment no longer applies).

If your business turnover increases after being eligible for JobKeeper you will remain eligible and do not need to keep testing turnover in the following months. However, you will have ongoing reporting requirements.

The last fortnight for JobKeeper is 14/9/2020 - 27/9/2020.

If you would like to see how JobKeeper is processed in CloudPayroll, call our sales team who will set up a demonstration.

Note: in the time since this article was published the Government has extended the JobKeeper Payment scheme by a further six months until March 2021. Please read our JobKeeper Extension article for further information.


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