Software to best fit business needs

04 Nov 2021


Until recently the process of selecting the most “fit for purpose” software for your business was limited. Small business owners had few choices and larger enterprise entities combined an all-in-one system, which was usually on premises rather than in the cloud. Accounting, payroll, human resource, inventory, job costing, purchasing and sales were typically all included in the one application and not all components will have suited the requirements of the business.

To remain competitive within a market sector, businesses need solutions that can improve accuracy, efficiency, and ultimately reduce overheads.

By selecting individual applications and/or software that best meets business needs and ensuring integration between “best of breed” products, organisations are able to build bespoke solutions for their businesses. These solutions are usually known as an ecosystem. These integrated options can work together to ensure business needs are met now and into the future.

CloudPayroll is a proven, cloud-based payroll solution for businesses and individuals withholding PAYG. Our most popular plan is Premium for organisations up to 100 employees. Our Enterprise plan is suitable for organisations with several hundred employees and our MICRO plan for up to 4 employees who need to report Single Touch Payroll. We can cater for a group of businesses, a franchise and professional group with multiple businesses. Our easy-to-use and feature-rich payroll solutions make it simple for businesses to run each pay and manage leave, tax, and employee records.

You can use CloudPayroll in conjunction with other integrated applications to streamline your business processes.

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