Payroll for Withholding Payer Number (WPN)

Withholding Payer Number (WPN)

A Withholding Payer Number (WPN) is allocated to those that have withholding obligations under Pay As You Go (PAYG) but who do not have an Australian Business Number (ABN).

CloudPayroll is an ideal easy-to-use payroll solution for individuals and some non-individuals who use a WPN:

  • Our Implementation Team will set up your payroll and train you on how to process your pay run. They will also make it simple for you to run each pay and manage leave, tax, and employee records.
  • Our Employee Kiosk provides employees flexibility to view their pay information at their own convenience.
  • Timelogs can be switched on for employees to add hours worked to be approved by their employers.
  • We automatically manage the Single Touch Payroll (STP) process on behalf of clients as part of all our plans.
  • Our friendly and knowledgeable support team will provide free ongoing support.

See our article 'payroll for WPN' to find out more about how CloudPayroll can help employers run payroll with a WPN


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