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Secure and Confidential

At iPayroll Limited we value your privacy. By its very nature, Payroll involves the collection and management of confidential personal and financial information. iPayroll Limited will never disclose this information except as directly required to complete the services we have agreed to provide to our customers.


Data Collection

We collect and use the following data for the purposes specified:

General Site Access

We collect Web Site Statistics (log files) for the purposes of site usage and summary statistics, performance measurements, security and improvements to our site.

Employer Payroll Processing

We manage and store a range of organisational, financial and personal information on your behalf, for the purposes of processing your payroll. This information is used solely for the completion of this activity. This information is never made available to any other parties, except for the information transfer directly required to complete your payroll (for example, transmitting direct credit files to our bank, sending your tax details to Inland Revenue, sending payroll deduction schedules to deduction agencies).

Employee Payslip Kiosk

We provide employees access to their own payroll information (payslips). This information is provided solely as a service to the organisation and individuals concerned and is not used for any other purposes, or made available to any other parties.


"Cookies" are only used when Employers access their own secure payroll website.
A "cookie" containing your User ID and Organisation Name will be stored on your computer. This contains no other information, and is used solely to provide a convenient quick log in to your own secure payroll website.

Security and Authentication

All Employer and Employee related information is stored in a secured database, that is not directly accessible from the Internet. Access is via secure communication with our web server. Passwords are required to access any sensitive information.

Data Retention

Data is only retained as long as necessary to support the required activity.

  1. Log Files: These are rotated and summarised on a regular basis.
  2. Employee Payslips: Only the recent payslip is stored in the Kiosk, although historical payslips can also be viewed.
  3. Employer Payroll: Detailed history is stored for the current Tax Year. Details may be archived and removed after that time.


Employers are required to provide an email address. An email message will be sent as a confirmation of processing (for example, when confirming a payroll). Employees may provide their email address to receive payment advice messages.

  1. We will not sell or share these email addresses with other parties.
  2. We will not send unsolicited messages to these email addresses.
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