Privacy and Security

The security and confidentiality of the personal and payroll information we hold is critical to us.


CloudPayroll systems are developed in accordance with the Australia Privacy Act 1993. This means we only collect, store and use personal information in the context of our relationship with the client.

Personal information gathered by CloudPayroll is never sold, and will only be shared outside CloudPayroll's systems when required by law, or when consented to by the person concerned.


CloudPayroll's systems are secured using multiple layers such as strong encryption of both Internet and data, physical server access and active monitoring of online access to customers data.

This data is continuously backed up to a backup site that can be brought online to continue serving customers in case of a disaster – so the data is always up to date and secure.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (or 2FA) is a safety measure that protects your data by adding an extra step to the regular log-in procedure which makes your account more secure. CloudPayroll uses authenticator apps, for example Google or Microsoft, to let customers use the extra protection 2FA provides.

Financial Security

Transaction Negotiation Authorities are approved by your own bank. Any funds held on your behalf are held in separate Client Bank Account. We accept responsibility for all superannuation payments, including late fees (if applicable), if we are managing your superannuation.

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