What are the Benefits of Using an Online Payroll System?

What are the Benefits of Using an Online Payroll System?

A cloud-based payroll system allows you to process your payroll “on the go” anywhere, anytime which will reduce the administration time for payroll processing and allow you and your staff to focus on growing your business.

Your employees will love being able to update their personal details on-line, get their payslips, payment summaries, check their leave balances and when applying for leave they can view the leave calendar to check which colleagues may be on leave at the same time before applying for their own leave. 

As Australia's premier online payroll solution CloudPayroll has helped thousands of businesses improve their payroll processes. According to our clients here are some of the benefits of using our cloud based payroll service:

Gives You Time

Payroll can be a complex process which may take many hours or even days to process properly, depending on the size of your company. An online payroll software automatically calculates gross wages, PAYG and superannuation.  It can make payroll deductions, pay third parties e.g. child support, salary packaging organisations, generate reports and process payments to your employees. You can manage payroll and leave entitlements in just a few clicks, turning hours of payroll processing into minutes.

Our payroll system is SuperStream compliant and pays superannuation contributions to all your employees’ superannuation funds. Leave approver Managers can view their team, approve/decline leave applications online and have access to their teams leave balances and leave calendar to ensure they are fully informed before making a decision.

As employees can access leave balances and their own payslips, payment summaries and the like on-line they are always fully informed thus reducing interruptions throughout the day asking for copies of payslips or asking about leave balances.

CloudPayroll gives time back to you and your staff so you can all focus on what you do best.


Reduces Cost

A payroll software saves businesses money and improves efficiency. Rather than manually handling your payroll processes, our system automatically performs payroll for you with 4 easy steps. 

Because of this reduction in payroll administration time and interruptions from staff enquiring about payroll issues such as payslips and leave and other balances, a considerable time saving for your organisation results. An online payroll software also reduces waste and printing costs, as records are easily retrievable electronically though web enabled devices including smartphones, tablets and PCs.


Minimise Errors

Manual calculations and data entry increase the risk of errors that can result in overpayments, underpayments and penalties. Our payroll software reduces this risk with automated processing. This saves your company money and the hassle of handling errors and penalties.


Online Timelogs

If you are using a manual time recording system which involves many hours of your time to calculate the employee’s hours worked before you can pay your staff, our Timelogs system can help. If your staff entered their hours themselves and the manager subsequently approves (or adjusts these) then the payroll system calculates hours worked automatically, and pays accordingly. This will reduce manual calculations errors and reduce many hours of payroll administration.


Employee Self-Service

Our payroll platform enables employees to check their payroll records and apply for leave whenever it suits them. Employees can easily view their payslips, payment summary, change personal details, apply for leave and enter hours worked with online timelogs. You no longer have to worry about payslip and information requests as your staff can check everything through our self-service platform.


Stored Safely & Easily Accessible

As the importance of electronic documentation increases, CloudPayroll gives you access to the documents you want anytime, anywhere. Our system is secure and confidential. You can have the peace of mind that your data is safely stored and can be easily retrieved.


Work Better and Smarter

CloudPayroll takes the pain away from payroll. You no longer need to worry about legislative changes or superannuation payments. Additionally, our free, ongoing, helpdesk support with our local payroll experts via the phone or email provides support for your payroll needs.

Our payroll software integrates with many accounting systems easily with various business tools to help you monitor and plan your business activities. Our clients have told us how their teams enjoy the ease of managing payroll and leave on the go.

Team up with us today and discover how changing your payroll to the cloud can benefit your business. We offer a free trial so you can find out how an online payroll software saves you time and resources. Sign up here!



SAFE Logistics has been with CloudPayroll for almost 2 years and in that time, we have built a great working relationship with their very friendly and reliable team. No question is to hard or to simple and they are always ready to help.

They have a genuine concern for our payroll needs and have implemented processes adapted to our requirements for the transport industry.

I could not imagine having to go back to how we did payroll prior to CloudPayroll, the time that is saves our business and the reports that we can pull from their system helps with controlling wage KPI’s.

Their system is user friendly for our employees in gaining access to their payslips. I would highly recommend giving CloudPayroll a go.

Scott Grant-Woodford
SAFE Logistics, Yatala, QLD

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