Is a Payroll Software More Secure and Cost-Effective?

Is a Payroll Software More Secure and Cost-Effective?

As companies grow, payroll becomes more complex. Errors in payroll processing also lead to penalties and the hassle of fixing them.

Manual payroll processing requires a lot of time and incurs more costs. It also increases the risk of errors. Additionally, payroll information needs to be stored securely to ensure accuracy and compliance. As business processes shift to the cloud, an online payroll software is a reliable tool that improves your company’s productivity.


Manual Payroll

Manual payroll is where payroll is performed without a payroll calculation system. Payroll information is typically stored in a document and updated by payroll staff. Your staff calculates gross wages, PAYG, fills out required forms and makes payments. There are several disadvantages to this method of payroll:

More Expensive and Error-Prone
Processing payroll manually takes more time and increases the chance of mistakes. Payroll management can take hours to days each pay run. Data entry and calculation manually also increases the risk of errors and possible penalties. Manual payroll requires a lot of administrative time and is expensive, especially as the number of employees increases.

Data is Less Secure and Difficult to Access
Payroll data are often stored across different files in a computer. This makes retrieving and updating data a difficult process. Additionally, there is a higher risk of the information being stolen or lost. When a staff member requests for payroll or leave information, you will need to manually search for the document and forward the information to them. Whereas with a cloud-based payroll system, employees can easily view the information themselves on any device.


Desktop Payroll

Desktop payrolls are similar to manual payrolls.  They not only require a lot on manual input but also require regular updates of the desktop software for legislative changes, daily backups of the data, and constant monitoring for on-line viruses, ransomware and other risks to desktop software processes. These measures are all handled for you automatically with Online Payroll services.


Online Payroll Service

CloudPayroll automatically calculates PAYG and superannuation and manages pay runs for you. It makes sure accurate payments are made to staff and superannuation funds. It also ensures that your company is compliant as legislation change. We take care of payroll and leave for you, so you can focus on running your business.

More Cost-Effective
An online payroll system automates payroll and leave processes. You and your staff no longer need to worry about calculations, double-checking information, legislation changes and making payments. A payroll software frees up time for you and your staff. It lowers the cost and stress from manual payroll processing and errors.


More Secure and Accessible Anywhere
Our systems are secure, confidential and in accordance with the Australia Privacy Act 1993.
The data is securely stored and backed up to a site which can be accessed when needed. This ensures that you always have the information you need. Our platform can easily be accessed on any device.

CloudPayroll has helped Australian businesses save time and money, as well as improve the experience of payroll and leave management. Our friendly helpdesk will help you resolve any payroll issues you encounter.

We provide a range of payroll solutions to suit your needs. Whether you prefer to DIY or get us to manage the entire process, we can find the right solution for you. Give us a call or enquire at to find out which payroll solution best suits your needs.

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Single Touch Payroll

Single Touch Payroll is a government initiative to streamline business reporting obligations. When an employer pays their employees under Single Touch Payroll the information will be sent directly to the ATO at the time of the payroll.

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